“True Friend” – some who sees you as pretty even when you are all messed up, someone who still thinks you are smart even if you are sometimes very stupid, someone who will not usually say “I will be there for you” but deliberately STAYS BY YOUR SIDE, especially when everyone else left…someone whom you may have not seen for many years but as you reconnect, you recognize the genuine TRUST, the undying CARE…


Thank God for the VERY FEW people in my life who are TRUE FRIENDS


About chilledhoney

"INVICTUS" panulat na matalinhaga, panulat na tumatama… ang kaisipan at kahulugan ay napag-iisa…. mga kaisipang minsan ay matindi at maanghang pagkawika, ngunit minsan nama’y payak, humahaplos sa kamalayan, puso at isipan…. at sa aking maikling panahong paikot ikot dito sa harding aking tambayan… oras ay di ko namamalayan… sa mga puna at palagay, ako ay nasisiyahan…. napakasarap pakawalan ang malayang kaisipan….

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  1. Sadly, most friendships are always torture tested. Most do not survive.

    Better late than never, may dead friendships rest in peace. 🙂

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