Nth time, Nth try

(life shouldn’t be wasted, try and try when all seems to have failed)

For the Nth time, I  have lived,

For the Nth time, I have died,

For the Nth time, I have loved,

For the Nth time, I have cried…

Life is but a wheel, rolling steadily,

Up and down I go, albeit fearfully,

Trying that on, trying this in,

Trying all,  even in between…

Grasping this and grasping that,

Letting go when it’s too hot,

Holding in, breathing out,

Like the fire from a dragon’s mouth…

Hold my head, hold my heart,

Always in for a brand new start,

Staring near and staring far,

Thinking of getting, that shining star…

You who pledge love, as well as fealty,

Till when can you stay, in deep loyalty,

The You, whom I allowed entrance,

To be in my kingdom, stay in a trance…

Be mine, be kind, let this love unwind,

To be free and try again, let it now begin,

Throw away doubts, throw away but’s,

For the Nth time, take the chance with guts…

Be fair and square, this love you dared,

No game, no fame, taken as we bared,

Singly, doubly, splashing in willfully,

Strokes in synch, swimming beautifully…

Love from within, love from afar,

Love that conquered who we are,

Hold me dear, never let me go,

You I’ll choose, and all I’ll forego…







About chilledhoney

"INVICTUS" panulat na matalinhaga, panulat na tumatama… ang kaisipan at kahulugan ay napag-iisa…. mga kaisipang minsan ay matindi at maanghang pagkawika, ngunit minsan nama’y payak, humahaplos sa kamalayan, puso at isipan…. at sa aking maikling panahong paikot ikot dito sa harding aking tambayan… oras ay di ko namamalayan… sa mga puna at palagay, ako ay nasisiyahan…. napakasarap pakawalan ang malayang kaisipan….

Posted on September 2, 2012, in DICTATES OF THE HEART, FREE FLOW, KARANASAN. Bookmark the permalink. Leave a comment.

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