Fly Free, Goodbye from Me?

The bird takes flight, straight to the cloudy sky,

That’s the last time, I saw the little fellow fly,

That’s the last time I heard him flap his wings,

That is the time when he was free from the strings….

I would like to keep him, under my loving are,

I would like to see him, every day of the year,

I would like to hold him, and caress his feathers,

I would like to see him hop, up and down the stairs…

I can see the bird not as happy as he should,

As if he weeps because free he would,

As if he dies everyday with me,

As if I stole his life, dead is he…

The window pane where he hops and chirps,

Now quiet, now empty, no more silly flips,

I hate myself for holding on, taking a grip,

The bird I hold so dear wanted to slip…

So come what may, fly he may,

He will be free, he’ll stay away,

He will be happy with the cloudy sky,

He will be happy as he fly so high…

Sad I am, could not even dine,

How I wish you could be mine,

How I wish I could hold you near,

How I wish you will still be here…

My heart is true, I care for you,

I love to see, the best you do,

I know I will, be happy with thee,

With You, I am, I want to be…


About chilledhoney

"INVICTUS" panulat na matalinhaga, panulat na tumatama… ang kaisipan at kahulugan ay napag-iisa…. mga kaisipang minsan ay matindi at maanghang pagkawika, ngunit minsan nama’y payak, humahaplos sa kamalayan, puso at isipan…. at sa aking maikling panahong paikot ikot dito sa harding aking tambayan… oras ay di ko namamalayan… sa mga puna at palagay, ako ay nasisiyahan…. napakasarap pakawalan ang malayang kaisipan….

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  1. ganda 🙂

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