He Whispered…

(Success in meditation comes from staring at the cool shower of rain outside then watching the skies transform as the sun smiles immediately after… )


God’s day,

Family day,

Rest day…

Looking at the heavens,

I felt God’s loving stare,

“How are you doing child?”

His whisper, I could hear…

I tried to look away,

As I don’t know what to say,

I am sure He knows, He would know

If I fabricate a lie, or maybe two.

“It’s alright Child, look at Me,

I am here, I have been, will always be,

Now tell me, what it is you feel and see,

Confusing and hurting as it maybe…”

I did try to break a smile,

I don’t want God to see me cry,

I want Him feel, it’s Him I love,

And not this cause of pain I have inside…

But truly, one cannot hide,

I have to face God, have to confide,

After all it’s me who carelessly jumped,

It’s me who did not avoid the hump…

I slowly fixed my eyes,

At the Light that shines on me,

Glaring as it may seem,

Renewing it is to me.

I told God, “I am very sorry,

I was always pushing for what I want,

I refused to hear  Your caring voice,

It could have changed my twisted choice”…

I know when love is pure,

It takes over, it would endure,

I wish I had that Oh, Lord,

And say, “to have and to hold”…

Tricky, tricky is this world,

Some people are just so bold,

Why do others play with emotions?

Are they just after the thrill of sensations?

I am sorry, I had to break free,

Can’t anymore stay as I said I would be,

Retain I must, the remaining “me”,

Who just  got lost in this deep blue sea…

Will I be brave, will I endure?

I know so well, I am not sure,

But try I must and try I may,

My wailing sanity has to stay.

I found myself in an embrace,

In God’s truly loving grace,

I know I will still endlessly cry,

With this decision to say goodbye…

Still in my heart:

Ni shi yi ge hen bang de nan ren


About chilledhoney

"INVICTUS" panulat na matalinhaga, panulat na tumatama… ang kaisipan at kahulugan ay napag-iisa…. mga kaisipang minsan ay matindi at maanghang pagkawika, ngunit minsan nama’y payak, humahaplos sa kamalayan, puso at isipan…. at sa aking maikling panahong paikot ikot dito sa harding aking tambayan… oras ay di ko namamalayan… sa mga puna at palagay, ako ay nasisiyahan…. napakasarap pakawalan ang malayang kaisipan….

Posted on July 29, 2012, in DICTATES OF THE HEART, FREE FLOW, KARANASAN. Bookmark the permalink. 26 Comments.

  1. wow! this was a nice read.. pero ano ibig sabihin nung huli mong sinabi?

  2. theworshipwarriorbride

    hmmmm…nice post ate

    God is a perfect gentleman. hindi Siya makikialam sa issues natin unless we give Him the freedom to do so. 🙂

    Nalilito lang ako dito “I know I will still endlessly cry, With this decision to say goodbye…”

    o baka late ko lang ito nabasa?

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