(It’s all in the mind…daydream)

I had a terrible day today. I attended a meeting of who’s who. Well, I was invited so I attended.

They came in, they went out after signing the attendance sheet. Who stayed and who left, I had no idea.

But for me, I had  to endure sitting there for 4 hrs, listening, observing, and sighing, thinking “No wonder our system is like this”.

T’was like a tele-novela unfolding.

I thought, I was watching children in Barong, in expensive suits, smart corporate clothes – in their intellectual banter, yes, at times, but most of the time, in their circumferential, sometimes egoistic debates and arguments.

I sat, I saw, I ate (at least I did something useful, I helped consume the food that the Commission paid for).

Sigh… I was daydreaming about vast green rice fields and running around with childhood friends, while all of these were happening.

There was supposed to be “order”, but I think the only  “order” “in order” was asking for a cup of coffee.

I was thinking, “what will I do if I was the one holding that moderator’s mic”? I think I will be very open yet very strict in allowing each speaker to express his/ her  thoughts, within the time frame allowed.

T’was an open discussion that would affect the national direction of “a” profession. They could have at least put someone capable to moderate the hot “HEADS” there.

Can you blame me for my roaming thoughts? The scenario earlier was like this… imagine asking a toddler to manage a group of debating teenagers…that’s it… I finished off the snack and sighed…

I was temporarily lost in my daydreaming that I had my hand over my head and I just heard the moderator calling my attention, “Yes, the _____ from NCR…You may have the floor”.

Was it I was allowed to take home the “floor” (that was “pilosopo tasyo” speaking inside my head, the alter ego  inside my head grinned) or was I being asked to go to the mic and raise my concerns or ask my questions? Suddenly, I realized, I was in a meeting and I was supposed to stand up since I was acknowledged.

I said, ” Honorable (?, I have my own reasons for the question mark so let me be)… I had observed that….blah, blah…I therefore suggest…. blah blah….”

I waited for objections, afraid that I would generate violent reactions… there was none, or so I thought. Never mind, I don’t really care. I had my opportunity. Let them have theirs.

The moderator said, “Suggestion noted…”, I sat down, went back to daydreaming, this time about mountains and waterfalls.

In between swimming in the cool water of my imaginary falls and them spilling out their thoughts, I was getting some useful information, jotting down. I was sometimes yawning at blabbermouths, again sighing, what beautiful voices and faces they have… but I was also telling myself, “I wonder what is the size of his/ her brain?”… Oooppps… sorry… bad me….

T’was a long day.

I was supposed to have my “moment” today because of what transpired yesterday.  I unconsciously postponed thinking of my own concerns.

I just daydreamed. Don’t blame me please… at least I did two useful things, I ate and I suggested.


About chilledhoney

"INVICTUS" panulat na matalinhaga, panulat na tumatama… ang kaisipan at kahulugan ay napag-iisa…. mga kaisipang minsan ay matindi at maanghang pagkawika, ngunit minsan nama’y payak, humahaplos sa kamalayan, puso at isipan…. at sa aking maikling panahong paikot ikot dito sa harding aking tambayan… oras ay di ko namamalayan… sa mga puna at palagay, ako ay nasisiyahan…. napakasarap pakawalan ang malayang kaisipan….

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  1. ako nga ay nag-aantay ng violent reactions nang araw na iyan dahil ako ay bagot na bagot….

    naghahanap ata ako ng katunggali, ng makakapalitan ng matigas na paninindigan,

    Ay di niloob ng langit at ako na lamang hinayaang managinip sa aking kinauupuan,

    Mas nakabubuting ako ay manahimik at kumain na lamang, walang nakabanggaan…

    • hihihi
      (yan ata ang unang hihihi simula nang ako ay mag-emo)

      Pambihira, mabuti na nga lamang at walang sumubok,
      Pagkat yan ay araw na ako pa ay umuusok…

      Pihadong kung may matapang na humamon,
      Ang maamong tupa ay biglang magiging leon….

      (aya! patawarin naman ako kung nagkagayon! ^_^)

      • hihihi… wari ko lamang malas ang makakatunggali dahil ang sundalo ay sugatan, duguan at kakatalo pa lamang sa digmaan…ay sya!, kawawa naman siya kung nagkataon, siya ang mapapagbalingan ng balang umuulan….

  2. makabuluhan talaga ang pagkain!! at least hindi ka nag head bang….

  3. so, you wonder, huh? your mind has a tendency to wander and meander – along mountains and waterfalls, aha. ^^ you pay no heed to the current goings-on? bad signs, hehe. ^^

    what could the resident mean girl be up to? hehe… hello, chilled honey! 😉

    • I was just not sooooooo myself that time…. ^_^

      I was carrying a big big baggage (hihihi) that’s why I was really hmmmm, wandering….

      Hey, in fairness, I did pay attention ( a bit, part of me was still in the real world, I suggested hihihihi)…. and hehehe, when the memo came out, my suggestion was included yipeeeee!!!

      “resident mean girl”….. hmmmmmm (grinning…hehehehe)

      What is she up to? hmmmmmmm

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