UNrecognized EffortS

How would you feel when your efforts are unrecognized?










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  1. theworshipwarriorbride

    don’t worry in heaven you are applauded. ^_^

    • yes warrior…i believe so…

      kakalungkot lang 😦

      • theworshipwarriorbride

        ok lang ‘yan smile pa din…if you know you did your best just the thought of Jesus smiling ang jumping for joy over you is more more more than enough…hihihihi…

        hug nalang kita ^_^

        love love

        • salamat sa hug at sa love love warrior!

          yes I like that, “if you know you did your best just the thought of Jesus smiling ang jumping for joy over you is more more more than enough”

          am smiling, though strained… and with a heavy heart…

          may ganitong pagkakataon lang minsan…


  2. bakit nalulungkot ang isang marikit?

    • kulang lang ata ako sa pansin ni visor, yung ka buddy ni kap. 😦 kasalukuyang namamasada 🙂

      • hmmm sabi ko na nga, diga’t datiy nabanggit minsan ang takda ng panahon ay kusang pumapalo, minsa’y may mga bagay ng hindi kontrolado, kagya’t ang kinasanayan ay lubhang inaapuhap kung marating mga bagay na biglang nagbabago. isang bagay na kinakatakutang mangyari kung kaya panukala ay nais na huwag maisantabi.

      • iyan ay laging pakatatandaan ^_^

      • Change Process (Kurt Lewin)

        Stage 1: Unfreezing
        This stage is about getting ready to change. It involves getting to a point of understanding that change is necessary, and getting ready to move away from our current comfort zone.
        This first stage is about preparing ourselves, or others, before the change (and ideally creating a situation in which we want the change).

        Stage 2: Change – or Transition
        Transition is the inner movement or journey we make in reaction to a change. This second stage occurs as we make the changes that are needed.
        People are ‘unfrozen’ and moving towards a new way of being.
        That said this stage is often the hardest as people are unsure or even fearful.

        Stage 3: Freezing (or Refreezing)
        As the name suggests this stage is about establishing stability once the changes have been made. The changes are accepted and become the new norm. People form new relationships and become comfortable with their routines. This can take time.

        Hahahah…..Palagay ko nasa Stage 2 pa lang ako, kaya, paumanhin sa pagiging emo ^_^

    • may pagkakataong nalulumbay lalo na’t ang iyong inaantay ay di nakakasilay…

      Fastdrive zone…

  3. how? e, di, wagi! wagi sa kasawian, haha. 😉

  4. haha, kaya nga, instead na disappointed, discouraged and demotivated, why not go around AME – appoint, motivate and encourage yourself, so sadness and sorrow won’t have the run of the place, kapatid? ^^

    yes, i’ve seen and experienced a number of such happenings, around me – di maganda… those times, i wish i have more happiness so I can spread cheers all around. gano’n… 😉

    • AME (appoint, motivate and encourage)… thanks Saliw!

      gusto ko yan… at tatandaan…and will live by it…

      minsan lang talaga inaabot ng emo… ala namang dahilan dapat… nega lang hihihi

      pero, ang dali kong mag-shift ng emotion, Saliw…

      the moment na marealize kong mali ako.. sa aking pakiramdama at akala… smile na uli…

      ganun lang hihihi…at kasabay ng pagbukas ng isipan sa mga bagay bagay…

      Sa iyong pagdaan at pagbibigay ng payong puna, you have already shared happiness to me…

      Cheers din sa iyo!

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