Patience + Discipline + Faith = Success

It is really amazing how you can be given the chance to touch other people’s lives…

I was given the privilege…I had the right opportunity during the right season…

The ordeals I went through in my life… love, work, relationships…. were sources of wisdom…

Wisdom of experience which I used to guide those whose lives are yet starting, whose metamorphosis is just beginning…

I always share:





For everything there is a season….

Things happen in God’s perfect time.

Waiting while doing your best would pay off.

Meditating first before rushing will prevent wrong decisions.


We need to come on time because anything you miss, you have lost it already…you cant turn back the hands of time.

We need to control urges for things beyond reason, beyond moral acceptance and beyond social rules.

We need to be contented with what we currently have and not push for anything outside of what we have…

We need to WALK our TALK.  People will not respect you if you say one thing and do the opposite…

We need to be good followers in order for us to be good leaders.

We need to maintain the conscious effort to be leaders who can direct the world…and not be directed by the world.

We need to learn to say no, if saying yes will destroy our person.


Everything happens according to God’s perfect will…

We cannot dictate fate.

We cant push for what we want because it may not be the best for us.

We have to be spiritually open so that we could accept the gift of BLISS.

There is a divine force stronger than anything we know.

When all else fails, let God carry you.


I make sure to destroy the ego and the pride first before I slowly teach the students the above PDF… in doing so… I need to act dual roles, with two different responses:




Just be the fair.

Explore both side.

Do not point fingers.

Do not blame.

Do not shout.

Do not nag.

Just let the magic of sensible words work for you.


Just appreciate what the other person can do.

Just acknowledge the fact that everyone has strengths, has weaknesses.

Just remember that all can commit mistakes and all can do something to correct it…

Just emphasize that sometimes things are in our favor, sometimes, not.

Just bear in mind that in doing small favors and not asking for anything in return, we receive “Thank You’s” and “God bless you’s”

Just open the mind to new ideas, new perspectives….remember that there are things that you don’t know but others do…


Think of the good that your actions can do, let the goodness in you flow…

Maintain humility.

Be sincere.

Go out of your way.


When they finally come back, after some time, and they would tell me that despite the love and the hate, the hate and the love…. I AM STILL THEIR FAVORITE TEACHER, I HELPED THEM TO BE THE BEST THEY CAN BE…… its is sweet music to the ear…. 🙂

They fondly call me “Inang Reyna”… Mother and Queen…


“Ina” (mother) because I play “in loco parenti” as their teacher. I am the second mom, the second parent…I scold, I advise, I am the ultimate critique, I am also the ultimate fan…

“Reyna”  (Queen)  because when I give instructions, its obey first before you complain… when your best is not enough, strive to show that you have it…  🙂


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